Hey Cake Cousin, did you know the average age where health is challenged, starting with chronic pain and inflammation is 27 yrs old....


I know... jaw dropping right!, making up 10% of the world, that's 60 million people.

Well guess what, I became one of those people. A few years ago I sustained a hip injury, which meant sudden chronic pain and inflammation. I felt like my health had been attacked from out of no where and it was preying on my mental health. With the weight slowly creeping on from days with limited mobility and being a single working mum snacking where ever and when ever I could, I quickly realised I needed to find a way to curb the weight gain and ease the inflammation fast!

Through research I had learned about veganism and how it could help with inflammation reduction, so I decided to throw away in my meat loving ways and try going vegan.   

Admittedly I have a sweet tooth and would often search for vegan treats and snacks at vegan markets, exhibitions and country fairs. However I wasn’t best pleased with the majority of my finds. I often found the consistency of vegan cakes to be either heavy or dry, the frosting would be tasteless and crumbly and there wouldn’t be any nutritional value, they would just be laden with sugar and I wasn’t satisfied. 

Simultaneously I was also running a cake business making every day cakes with the usual eggs, butter, milk, sugar et cetera. Now I loved the way my celebration cakes made people feel when I presented them, but I also felt a little bit empty… as they didn’t have much more purpose than making people momentarily happy and on top of that because I had become a vegan, I couldn't eat them any more and my love for baking began to dwindle.

I thought about this long and hard, day and night, I mean I even prayed on it! and after all of that... I had a ping moment and got a word!



…and with that the research began. 

My mother was a nurse and also went pescatarian for the latter part of her life. She would often lean on herbs, mineral dense foods and spices for her health and well being. My Grandpa was a farmer and would teach me the richness and harvests of the soil. Also to mention my two uncles, one of which is a Rastafarian who eats Ital, the original and healthier doctrine of veganism and my other uncle who is a strict Seven Day Adventist and if you know anything about Seven Day Adventist’s their diets are paramount. 

With all these influences and cultural knowledge combined growing up, coupled with what I had learned on my healing journey, I went back to my heritage and started to dabble with recipes and ultimately started to create tasty healthier vegan cakes. They helped with my sweet cravings without all the extra junk of standard full fat cakes made with animal products. The texture and taste was amazing and most of all I didn't feel like I was missing out or feel guilty whilst eating them, in fact I felt good! because I new I was consuming premium good quality ingredients.

Now is the time for cakes to be eaten with less guilt and more love, baked with NO EGGS, NO BUTTER and NO MILK.

Cakes that are not so fattening and that mineralise the body, that don't leave you crashing from sugar over load, but instead helping to keep inflammation low, encouraging alkalinity, nourishing blood cells and increasing vitality. 

Using the research and my findings, I was able to incorporate ingredients like sea moss, spirulina, spelt flour, Kamut flour, Rye, Buckwheat, vegetables, fruits, Aloe Vera and natural sugars, coconut and date to mention but a few, that do more than just taste good.

For instance, did you know Sea moss has 92 of the 102 minerals our bodies are made up of? And the good news is, we use it in all our cakes! 

We are what we eat and at Kake Kwerk we believe that 'Healthy cakes are tasty cakes, baking with superfoods for super heroes!

Are you ready for the Kake Kwerk experience? Exciting flavours, Super moist and healthier than standard cakes.

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