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The body is made up 102 minerals and Sea Moss contains 92 of those minerals, making it one of the best ways to replenish nourish and strengthen your body. It's a Cell food, an enzyme which  Antioxidant rich bursting with minerals known to help several illnesses and diseases making your body optimal grounds for well-being and healing.


•Lowering cholesterol

•Supporting mental health

•Help him with blood pressure

•Joint inflammation

•Balancing thyroid levels

•Sexual health

•Radiation poisoning

•Boosting the immune system

•Aiding digestion  

•Encourages weight loss  

•And the healthy growth of hair, skin and nails.


The difference between commonly white Seamos and coloured sea moss is it’s pigment which carry their own set of beneficial phytochemicals. These are various biological active compounds found in plants which help play a role in the plants growth and helps to defend itself against pathogens and predators. Coloured sea moss has also been linked to helping with a youthful appearance, due to its powerful antioxidants and delaying cells from ageing.


The minerals found in sea moss are vital to our bodies functioning such as potassium zinc iron magnesium and the list goes on.


Sea Moss once blended into a gel can be consumed in soups, smoothies, cereals, cooked foods, stews, gravies and much more.


As you may or may not know we actually use sea moss in our cakes as it helps to keep them really moist.


Consuming a minimum of two tablespoons a day can greatly help support your bodies immune system and much more, i’ve even been known to add it to facials and beauty treatments as i’ve found it’s excellent for the skin.


How to prepare your Sea Moss

.1.Rinse your Sea moss thoroughly in water, to wash away any grit or sand.

2. Soak your Sea Moss with half a lime to cut any smell or taste of the sea, anywhere from 2 hours to overnight. Bearing in mind the longer you leave it to soak, the more it will break down leaving some of its minerals in the water which can be used to water plants. With rainbow sea moss it will lose it's colour the longer its soaked. Kake Kwerk Sea Moss is sun dried and will expand doubling in size.

3. You will end up with a glossy looking Sea Moss. Cut your Sea moss down between 1 to 2 inches and blend. Add enough water to cover the moss with a pH balance of 7 and above, preferably spring or distilled water, as this supports the Sea Moss quality.

4.This will give you a nice paste, however you may use less or add more water slowly depending on desired consistency.

5. In order to keep your Sea Moss paste fresh, it is best kept refrigerated in an airtight container where it will keep up to 4 weeks providing you use a clean spoon every time you use it.

6.During this time, you can spoon it into juices, recipes and beauty treatments.


What does Sea moss taste of? Sea moss s doesn’t really have a taste especially if prepared properly not forgetting to use your lime.


Please note no other products have been added to our Sea moss making it a 100% natural product.

Ingredients: 100% sun-dried rainbow sea moss/ White Sea moss.


Disclaimer: Please note the benefits of this product listed are subject to opinion and should not be taken as medical advice.


Nutritional benefits can vary from one person to another and this could be for a number of reasons weight, hormones, gender, genetic make up et cetera and you should always consult a medical professional before adding any herbal remedies to your diet, particularly if you are already on medication, pregnant or breastfeeding.


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